Kelly Henry’s Story;

by Bobbie Henry





“On 8th November 1998, I heard a knock at the door

at 3am, I jumped out of bed to find 2 police officers

standing at my door, who told me my 17 year old

daughter had been killed in a car crash and they

needed me to identify her body at the morgue.


That was without a doubt the most devastating day

of my entire life.


As time went on, people thought that my pain over

losing Kelly should be easing however it didn’t. They

couldn’t understand that when I lost Kelly I lost a very

large part of me. It hurt so bad. It was then that I found

CARS, and with their support I survived.


When I realised my pain was never going to leave,

I decided to try and help other families understand

this feeling and know that this is normal. It’s ok to hurt.

My life will never be the same, I accept that now.


Something I have learnt over the years is that with

so many families losing loved ones or having them

severely injured everyday, they may not realise it,

but they do need help. CARS is here to help.


– Bobbie Henry, mother.